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Unique 'Disco Dome' Getaway in Canyon Lake, Texas Looks Like a True Party

You probably wouldn't think that the concepts of 'disco' and 'camping' would fit well together, would you? Normally we'd agree as well. However, one hip glamping spot at Canyon Lake, Texas- only about a 45-minute drive out of San Antonio- is trying to change that.

Despite claims to the contrary, disco ISN'T dead- at least not at Disco Ranch's geodesic "Disco Dome". TikTok user @texas_explorer enjoyed a groovy night there and shared a sneak peek of their psychedelic experience on TikTok.

The daytime scenery and what we could see of the excellent amenities already looked enticing enough on their own. But when the sun went down and the disco lights went up, we were sold! This is the ultimate glamping experience- by day, you can experience a peaceful retreat out in nature on the shores of a lake, but at night you and your plus-one get to enjoy a private dance party!

This glamping dome looks absolutely incredible, hands down. One former guest, @sarahjayne814, entered the comments to give it her very own stamp of approval: "This place is amazing…. We stayed Mother’s Day weekend and can not wait to go back!!!!"

Of course, good Airbnbs often come with a gnarly price tag, and the Disco Dome is no exception. "$396 a night 😏," smirked @chrisfiloteo. Ouch... not an easy fee for the thrifty traveler. However, if you wish you could enjoy a stay at the Disco Dome without having to dig deep in your pockets, there's a chance you can. The video's creator, @texas_explorer, is currently hosting a contest on their Instagram wherein the winner will receive a free two-night stay there for themselves and a travel buddy! The contest goes until the 26th of this month- and if you're interested, the link to the Instagram post is here.

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