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Woman's Tour of the 'Dirty Dancing' Resort in Virginia Is Making Us So Nostalgic

Dirty Dancing is a timeless classic for a reason. 80's nostalgia, gorgeous choreography, sexy romance, iconic hotties Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze- what's not to love?

If you are or have ever been a fan of Dirty Dancing, wait until you see this video. Remember Kellerman's, the gorgeous resort the movie takes place in? The actual resort, Mountain Lake Lodge in Virginia, is still there to this day, and visitors can see many of the iconic locations from the film! TikTok user @jackeyld took a trip there herself, and treated her followers to a tour of some of its most memorable locations in this video:

Now THAT is a huge 80s throwback. So many of the locations look exactly the same as they did in the film. We were also very touched by the memorial to the late, great Patrick Swayze. There was one other sad part to the video, though- the lake that the resort was named for has since dried up! As the video's creator explains in the comments, "They said it’s on a major fault line and think that is the reason for it." That's a shame, but the resort is still beautiful.

People went to the comments to share their own reactions, some of whom had either visited the resort or had some connection to the film's stars! "Favorite movie! I danced with Patrick Swayze on the Today Show, such a nice and talented man!" recounted @razzberrylemoncow. Wow, what a cool story! Another user, @miabrown053, said "Was just there a few weeks ago for the Dirty Dancing weekend! Got married here in 2017."

Wait, hold the phone- they have a Dirty Dancing weekend? When asked how the themed weekend was, @miabrown053 responded "Had a great time. There was $200 food credit, a paint/wine night, and a showing of the movie. Fun girl weekend!" Holy cow, that sounds amazing!

If you love Dirty Dancing, this is a bucket list vacation spot for sure. Even if you're not a fan of the film, though, it's still a beautiful and serene resort for a quiet getaway. Check it out if you're planning a trip through Virginia!

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