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Special Cat Cafe in Osaka That Rescues Strays Comes with an Unexpected Bonus

While Japan has many attractions to fascinate its visitors, one type of establishment that's popular with locals and tourists alike are cat cafes. Though the first animal cafes were started in Taiwan, the concept has really taken off in Japan, where guests can relax while visiting cuddly animals such as cats, bunnies, hedgehogs, and even owls.

One Osakan cat cafe, Tetsudokan Cafe, rescues strays and rehabilitates them at their establishment. But this cat cafe comes with another unexpected bonus, which we can see in this video from @japanontiktok.

What's better than a cat cafe? A cat cafe full of model trains, of course! Not only will these model trains delight train enthusiasts, but they're also the purr-fect size for the ferocious "Cat-zillas" to bat around! This amusing cat cafe is full of charm and unique personality that sets it apart from other similar cafes. 

The story behind the cafe is really touching, too. The place was originally not a cat cafe, just a restaurant. It was shut down from March-September of 2020 due to the pandemic, and was in danger of closing permanently. However, over that summer, the business's owner started rescuing nearby strays, and eventually let them roam around his restaurant. He took pics of his kitties playing with the model train which went viral online, and when the restaurant reopened, it was a hit, saving the business from ruin! It's a great story: the owner saved these cats, and the cats, in turn, saved his business.

These cats get plenty of love at the cafe, but they are available to adopt to a good home. People love Tetsudokan for its food, amosphere, and cuddly kitties. "Nah I'm never going to to a cat cafe, if I adopt one I'll be sad and want to adopt them all," admitted @tot0ro._.may. It'd be hard for us to resist adopting them all, too! "If I went there I would literally go crazy cuz I f***ing love cats so much," empathically exclaimed @imdonecloseddd. 

Whether you go there to hang out with the kitties or give one a forever home, Tetsudokan is a charming, special little place. "There are no bad endings here," said @andi_wir, and they're right. The cats either get adopted or they stay as the beloved "Cat-zillas" of Tetsudokan. Either way, everybody wins!

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