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Woman Shares the Reality of Dining Alone While Solo Traveling and It's on Point

While some are intimidated by the prospect of traveling abroad by themselves, solo travel has a lot of perks: maximized flexibility and freedom, cheaper experiences since you don't have to buy more than plane ticket and can stay in smaller hotel rooms, and the ability to just take everything in without distraction. Regular solo travelers can help alleviate some of the anxiety newer solo travelers may have by talking about their own experiences online. 

TikTok user @thirtywaves is one such solo traveler. She answers questions from her followers about her solo adventures. One question she tackled recently was "Do you get nervous to dine solo?" Her response?

Honestly, it makes sense that her reaction would be so nonchalant. We are the center of our own worlds, and a lot of times this leads people to think more attention is being given to them when they're alone than is actually the case, making them self-conscious. @thirtywaves' concise takedown of that assumption snaps solo travelers back to reality- why would anyone bother about a stranger happily eating by themselves? No one cares that you're there alone, so just relax and have fun!

It seems like this sentiment helped a lot of her viewers. "I get anxiety dining alone, thank you for the confidence!" thanked user @nixipieee. "I used to be so nervous to dine solo. but now I’m obsessed and actually prefer going alone lol," admitted @joedee07.

Yes, it certainly seems like once you get past any initial awkwardness you feel, dining alone can be a really empowering experience. As user @jazzkjazzk puts it, "I dine alone all the time. I enjoy it! I’ve only just realised from Tik Tok that it makes some ppl uncomfortable." 

We encourage any solo travelers who feel self-conscious about dining alone to keep an empowering feeling in mind. As wonderful as conversation is, sometimes it's good to sit with yourself and just fully take in the food, atmosphere, and activity around you. No one is there to obsess over you dining alone, so take that time to really relax and enjoy yourself!

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