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Blog Shares 5 Dining Tips for Passengers to Try on Cruises

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Dining on a cruise ship can be described as heaven to many and sometimes, overboard for others. Typically, food is available around the clock on most cruise ships, so whatever you fancy, it's at your fingertips 24/7. There are pros and cons for this amenity, but have no fear, these helpful hints are worth trying next time aboard.

TikTok video and blog creator @therclblog shares some advice you'll want to jot down for your next cruising adventure. What is your favorite part of the MDR experience? Do you know what that stands for? LOL, we didn't either! Check out the clip to learn a little something.

These helpful hints will protect your wallet and stomach! We think you'll be thankful for this information. They recommend always grabbing your table first before going up to get food, because tables tend to fill up quickly. So score your seat first, then take turns going up to buffet. If you plan on consuming adult beverages daily, they recommend purchasing a drink package, where there's a flat fee versus paying for each individual drink. 

Also, when dining, order a variety of foods, try new things, as the food is unlimited, and if you don't like something you can always order something else. If you're planning on eating at one of the specialty restaurants aboard, dining for lunch will save you money. It's common that lunch prices are often half the price of dinner items for the same menu.

TikTok viewers are really thankful for this knowledge. It really does help. Fan @mirandasmagicaladventure writes, "And you can order smaller portions if you don’t want the full size." That's good to know, as our eyes tend to be bigger than our stomachs! User @blaaaablaaablaaaablaaaaa says "Oh, I always order multiple starters to taste a bit of everything." We agree, this is a fun way of trying and experiencing a wide variety of food genres. Commenter @biglou4345 says, "Great tips! Carnival just cut down to only two main dishes in the MDR. I could never eat more than that anyway."

Main Dining Rooms (MDR) and menu/food selections are certainly one of the biggest factors and attractions for passengers when planning their cruise travel. We recommend doing your homework and finding which best suits your needs.