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Man Impersonates People From Different States Visiting Florida and It’s Totally Spot-On

It doesn’t matter where in the U.S. you live. Odds are good, you’ve made at least one trip to Florida to have a little fun in the sun. The entire state is pretty much a tourist hot spot, and we all know it’s a playground for snowbirds. But if you live in the Sunshine State year round? Something tells us the tourist thing gets a little bit old.

One video creator on TikTok, @maxtowey, recently shared his hilarious impersonations of people from different states visiting Florida, and we are dying of laughter! Check out Max’s parody of people from across the country reacting to the state. This clip couldn’t be more spot-on!

LOL! While all of these impressions are pretty stereotypical, you have to admit they’re pretty darn funny. (Massachusetts was the best, in our opinion!) Not surprisingly, TikTok is totally here for this dude’s comic relief. @Mitchell Bienvenue appreciated the Ohio representation, saying, “No Skyline Chili. 😂” Another commenter, @SammieLammie134 added, “The fact that I live in Connecticut and I have a third home that was passed down 😅.”

And @Luke Taylor noticed an important detail that made these impersonations even better, saying, “Laughing at the fact that you actually brought different articles of clothing for different characters 😂.” Max replied with, “The odds Wisconsin wasn’t gonna be wearing a shirt were zero.” HA! 

For any states that weren’t featured, luckily, Max featured a part 2 video for our viewing pleasure.

People loved this clip as well. @BrodyP said, “As a Kentucky resident, that hilarious. 😂” And @STRANGER DANGER added, “The Michigan one is so accurate. We do consider our 5 great lakes as beaches.” Then there was @BrnVTR who noted, “Omg, I love your version of Vermont. So true. 🙄”

Anddddd to round things out, here’s part 3.

Keep ’em coming, Max! 

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