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Video of Rare 'Diamond Beach' in Iceland Is a Sight to Behold

How does walking along miles of beach, catching glimpses of dolphins frolicking in the ocean, surfing a wave to shore, or even riding a horse in the sand sound? Fabulous right? Well then this unique and stunning place in Iceland is just for you.

You'll need your sunglasses on for this 'shiny and bright' video from TikTok video creator @asasteinars as she gives us a up close and personal peek at this 'diamond in the ruff' destination. Don't let its beauty blind you with all of the sparkle!

Welcome to Diamond Beach, located in southeast Iceland. It's named Diamond Beach because the sand is scattered throughout with orbs and shards of ice that sparkle as clear as diamonds. Although you wont find any 'real' diamonds here, it's an absolutely gorgeous and a true sight to behold. Ice from nearby glaciers constantly breaks away and wash ice diamonds onto the shore year round. Unfortunately, there is no swimming allowed, as it's simply too dangerous, due to the water being full of rocks, ice, and coral.

TikTok viewers are in 'awe' of this special location. Fan @digitalnomadtraveltips writes, "Oh my goodness! Adding this to my list!" Yes, we are too, looks like such a dream. User @perspectivebyovidiupop says, "One of my favorite place in Iceland." We hope to visit one day. Oh, and to be able to ride horseback on that coast, WOW! Commenter @arnoldfam_adventures states, "That’s amazing. I want to get to Iceland one day COVID canceled my trip in 2020." 

Although you will yearn to snag a piece of the 'diamonds' to take home as a souvenir  from your trip to share your memories with others, please note, it's not allowed. So take loads of videos/photos/selfies to capture your once-in-a-lifetime experience. Bon Voyage!

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