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Video of Water Spout Near the Beach in Destin, Florida Is Pretty Incredible

Tornadoes are both awe-inspiring and terrifying. Anyone living in a tornado-prone area should be aware of the great potential danger and practice what to do in case of a tornado. Less common than tornadoes, however, are waterspouts- tornadoes that happen over the ocean or a large lake, sucking up tons of water! They make for a dramatic sight.

This sight is not as unusual on the Gulf Coast, however, where extreme weather conditions are common. The TikTok account @thedestinlifestyle shows us such a dramatic scene. Right off the shores of Destin, FL, we can see a massive waterspout swirling in the Gulf waters!

That waterspout is HUGE! The drama of the scene is doubled with the dark clouds and the lightning flashing around it. In this video, the waterspout is still a ways away from land- and as far as we're concerned, it better stay out there!

Again, though, you have to understand that crazy storms like this are just a fact of life on the Gulf Coast! "Literally 😂 just typical Florida weather 😁," concurred @kcfkorida. "That’s A Beauty 💯🔥 As Long As It’s Over There😂," said @bluntlydelicious. We have to agree that it is a beautiful sight, if a bit terrifying.

"My family would still be in our chairs saying “it’ll blow over”," said @lauraunderscoreone. LOL, it's incredible to watch, but even with the waterspout a fair distance off, you've still got to worry about the lightning! Safety first!

The good news is that waterspouts tend to be weaker than land tornadoes, and they usually dissipate soon after making landfall. However, they can still be very dangerous. If a waterspout ever interrupts your beach trip, seek shelter until it's gone!