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Video of Deserted Salem Streets in November Is a Bit Haunting

Comparing the streets of Salem, Massachusetts a month ago to now, one will see a stark difference. Due to its history marked by witch trials and murder, Salem is a spooky spot for Halloween enthusiasts to make a pilgrimage to in October. When "spooky season" passes, though, the city quiets down once more.

Salem local @correen21 shows us the streets of Salem the weekend after Halloween. After countless videos of the Halloween rush in Salem, it's almost eerie how quiet and empty the city is now.

Not a week before, those streets were packed shoulder to shoulder with tourists. While the city doesn't lose its charm after Halloween, though, the main draw for the tourists goes away, and everything quiets down. While no doubt the rush is good for the local economy, we strongly suspect that the locals are relieved to have breathing room once more.

Our suspicions were confirmed by testimonials from other Salem locals and frequent visitors. "I love living in Salem, but when October ends, I feel like I can breathe! I try to tell ppl this is the time to visit!! Still fall but no crowds," shared @mymfguinea. "I feel like next new I’m gonna go November 1st/2nd, still have all the Halloween vibes with no people lol," @robinnicole89 said. "This would be the time to go and do all my witchy stuff with no one watching and interrupting," mused @hi.itsmesusana.

"Must be a relief," remarked @kimfromnc. "I love October but yes! Absolutely! You appreciate the quiet a bit more in November," Correen responded. At this point, it's kinda common knowledge for Salem lovers that November, not October, is the best time to go.

With the massive rush in October, museums and popular attractions sell out or fill up to capacity quickly, and there's not much room to relax and take things in on your own terms. November still has all the beauty of fall, and all the shops and museums will be open, but crowds won't be nearly as much of an issue. You may not see Halloween decorations, but that's a small price to pay for a better overall experience.

While the empty streets of Salem may seem eerie to us, they represent a metaphorical sigh of relief for the residents of Salem. They can relax now... at least until next October.

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