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Conspiracy Theories Surrounding 'Denver International Airport' Have People Intrigued

Most airports don't have a mythos of weird conspiracies around them- but most airports aren't the Denver International Airport. Over the years, the iconic Colorado airport has amassed dozens of conspiracy theories surrounding its true nature- and it probably doesn't help that the airport's mascot is a giant statue of a bucking mustang with demonic glowing red eyes.

OK, there's more to it than that- with the ultra-high budget during its mysterious construction, interesting layout, massive size, and psychedelic artwork everywhere, there's a lot of oddities surrounding DIA to make any conspiracy theorist's imagination run wild. TikTok star @youcancallmepatches tries her best to sum it up in these two videos.

That was... a lot. For such a relatively newer airport, this place is shrouded in mystery and has a strange and unnerving history. Like- the giant scary horse nicknamed Bluecifer falling on and crushing its creator feels like a sign. Some of the airport's idiosyncrasies can be easily explained away through rational reasons, but some are more enigmatic and harder to account for- and as Patches mentioned, the airport itself seems to play along into it too.

Over the course of these videos, many commenters added their own interesting takes, opinions, and experiences. "I love my airport I just go and hang out there sometimes. One time they had a movie night and we dressed up like Mulder and Scully and watched Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind, also love Blucifer he’s my favorite!" shared @mandomermaid. They had a Close Encounters movie night there? Oh yeah, the airport is definitely playing along with the conspiracy theories, LOL!

However, some comments further fueled the flames of intrigue. Take the plaque heavily featured in the background of the second video: "That’s the freemasonry logo," @allisonallisonallisonall pointed out. The Freemasons have been the subject of many conspiracy theories. "There are secret flights that come in at very odd times of the night. People get off the plane on the tarmac and are bussed to secret spots," added @rockcliffjumper.

Could DIA be playing into the silly conspiracy theories to cover up the TRUE secret operations there? Or is it really just a normal, if unique, airport? We may never know.