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Pilot Shares Embarrassing Secret About Denver Airport That's Cracking People Up

Using the airport bathroom is stressful enough as it is. Let's be honest, carrying all your bags into the stalls while trying to do your business isn't the most enjoyable time. However, in the Denver International Airport, apparently, there is an even greater kink to their bathrooms that most people do not know.

In a video that was shared on TikTok by pilot @almostcaptainmorgan, she explains a very crucial piece of information for anyone flying to and from Denver that can save you a lot of embarrassment. You don't want to miss this.

OMG! Apparently if you use the restroom at Denver International Airport, you'll want to be extra careful. We guess people don't realize that those on the runway can see straight into the bathroom from the plane. Yikes! Some of the comments are filled with horror at this new piece of information. One user,@elysemyers, unfortunately didn't know this fact. She noted, "I JUST DID A QUICK CHANGE AT THE SINK AREA A FEW DAYS AGO." Oh no! Any parked plane nearby must of gotten quite a show that day. HA!

The pilot also an update on which part of the airport bathroom is actually visible, "It’s only at the sink area but still, there need to be signs because 😅😳". Phew, that's better than ew thought! But there really should be some sort of sign letting you know that people can see you. And in case someone wants to do a quick change right in front of the glass, maybe they should go into the stall to avoid flashing people.

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