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Man Shares Opinion of 'Royal Caribbean's' Deluxe Beverage Package and People Have Feelings

Everybody wants to put their two cents in.

When it comes to (most) cruises, everything you want to eat and drink is included in the cost of your trip... minus the alcohol, of course. Though some more expensive stateroom categories will include the cost of booze, usually, it's something you have to pay for separately. And in the case of certain big cruise lines, there are all-you-can-drink packages for purchase as well. 

But as one traveler on TikTok, @thejonnybrown, shared in a video, those beverage packages aren't always worth it... at least, not if you're sailing with Royal Caribbean. And while his reasons for saying this are definitely valid, it's sparked a bit of a debate in the comments. 

On Royal Caribbean, the deluxe beverage package is the one that offers passengers unlimited alcoholic beverage, and it comes with a pretty hefty fee — depending on the sailing, it can cost as much as $90 per person per day — and as Jonny pointed out in the video, if one person in your group gets it, everyone above the age of 21 sailing with you is required to purchase it as well. This can add up quickly!

Instead, he advises purchasing the refreshment package, which includes all non-alcoholic drinks like fountain sodas, premium coffee, and juice, and even mocktails. Then, he just pays for a cocktail as he wants one, and brings on the allowed two bottles of wine or champagne per room. He also shared another major downside to the deluxe package: It could lead you to drink more than you normally would, leaving you feeling sick during your cruise. 

Some people had very strong opinions about this. "I don't care how much it is. I'm going to get it. I like to prepay, I don't want to pay anything while I sail," one person wrote.

Others shared their hacks for sneaking liquor on the ship... oh, brother.

To each their own, but changing up the way you drink on a cruise can be a way to save cash if you're trying to stick to a budget. The more you know!