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Delta Airlines' New In-Flight Freebie Is a Major Game-Changer

People will be so thrilled about this.

One of the most annoying parts of flying is how utterly boring it can be, whether you're in the air for two hours or 10 (okay, maybe the two hour flight is a bit easier). Being on a plane often means being cut off from the world below, and while some people like to use this opportunity as the chance to unplug from the world, some of us wish we could be texting our friends and refreshing Twitter to pass the time. You could always pay for the wifi, but the cost really adds up! 

If you're tired of paying for wifi every time you fly but consider it a must, you're definitely going to love this news. As @travelingterry on TikTok pointed out, in-flight wifi will be free on all Delta flights starting this year, and this cool benefit will be in effect very soon. 

As the OP explained in the video, starting on February 1, 2023, there will be free wifi offered during all Delta domestic flights, and the goal is to add free wifi to all of the airline's international flights in 2024 — how amazing! This will help cut costs while traveling, which can already be expensive enough as it is... and it's one more reason to fly with Delta (or check out the airline if you haven't already).

According to CNBC, all travelers will need to do is to log in with their SkyMiles account once they're on board, and anyone can sign up for an account for free. And this isn't just basic wifi, either — Delta CEO Ed Bastian said in a statement that this will be "best in class in-flight connectivity" offered.

Here's hoping that Delta offering free wifi will encourage the other airlines to do the same. We all deserve to stay in the loop while we're flying without breaking the bank to do it. After all, aren't plane tickets expensive enough?