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Cabin of Delta Flight to Los Angeles Fills With Smoke in Harrowing Video

One of the great things about air travel is that it is by and large the safest mode of transportation. The security at airports is airtight, the planes have frequent maintenance done, and the pilots are well-trained. That said, when something does go awry on board an airplane, it's all the more dramatic.

The official @abc7la TikTok account shared a harrowing video from a passenger on board a Delta flight from Atlanta to Los Angeles. They had to make an emergency landing when the cabin suddenly filled up with smoke!

This is utterly terrifying. Being trapped in a cabin as it slowly fills with noxious smoke without knowing why is one of the most terrifying things we can imagine in flight. We're very relieved to hear that the problem was soon discovered and that the passengers and crew all made it off of the flight safely. Still, that experience must have been harrowing for everyone aboard.

Viewers were equally shocked by the nightmarish scene. "I’ve had this exact flight so many times, glad everyone’s safe," expressed @shima_tetsuo. "I hope they all were reimbursed for all that, that’s traumatizing," said @presentingladyj. "I don’t know if I’d be able to get on another plane after this tbh..." @enol98 sympathized.

Disturbingly, some viewers noticed an uncanny similarity to the events of a certain television show... "Plane trouble over ABQ?" stated @ken404040. "Breaking Bad reference?" wondered @loganananan. For those not in the know, one of the most dramatic events from the show Breaking Bad was a plane crash over Albuquerque, caused by a domino effect from other events in the show. While this real-life plane incident had a much happier resolution than the one in the show, viewers can hardly be blamed for drawing the correlation!

As dramatic and certainly traumatizing as this was, it still speaks to the overall safety of air travel. Even with something as major as an engine failure, the crew did a great job of keeping the passengers calm and safe, and the pilots were able to safely bring down the flight with no injuries or fatalities. The passengers weren't even grounded for very long: "...My sister was on that flight, she got a flight 4 hours later," shared @alexg400. We hope the passengers' next flights were all much less eventful, and that everyone got to their destinations safely!

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