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Video Showing 'Dead Mall' in Maine Is Actually Kind of Sad

This place must have been a hot spot back in the day.

While some malls in America are still thriving, many of them are shells of what they once were years ago. The mall used to be the place to be, especially if you were a teenager, but in the years since shopping online became more and more popular, a lot of stores have moved out of malls, making them look like a bit of a ghost town.

If you know what we're talking about, the footage in this video from @rachcyr on TikTok will look pretty familiar. She gave us a peek at Auburn Mall in Maine, which opened in 1979 and, after being used as a COVID vaccination center, is now pretty dead since a lot of the tenants have left.

Everything from the neon signs to the '80s style decor to the abandoned photo booth is giving us all the nostalgia. We can only imagine how busy this place used to be! The video showed that the place was mostly empty, and it seems like the majority of the stores are closed (including the former customer service booth). We're getting huge Stranger Things vibes here!

"It was a pretty surreal scene to see a bunch of people lined up for a COVID vaccine in the middle of an empty '80s neon food court," the original poster wrote.

Actually, it's surreal in a lot of ways, considering that the mall used to be our favorite spot to visit on weekends. This is so sad! 

Can we bring back malls, please? We're suddenly craving an Orange Julius. 

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