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Kristen Bell's Video of Dax Shepard Rockin' the RV Life Is Going Viral

These two are having the time of their lives.

If you follow along with Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard's adventures, you know that lately, they've been all about traveling around in the RV with their daughters. It's a fun way to see the country, not to mention easier than schlepping young kids on and off of planes and in and out of hotels... but mostly, it just seems like these two really know how to have fun.

Case in point: a video that Kristen (found at @kristenanniebell) shared of Dax making sure he gets his work out in, even when he's at the wheel of their RV. After all, not staying at a hotel means not having access to a hotel gym. Is he really supposed to lose all his progress because of that?!

Honestly, we have to give him props for his dedication. We're not sure we've seen someone do squats while driving until now, but apparently, it's true that when there's a will, there is a way.

Fans are loving this video and begging for Kristen and Dax to get their own reality show (which is honestly something we've been hoping would happen for a long time!). And most of the comments are true gold.

"Imagine coming home from work and being like 'today on my typical drive home I passed Dax Shepard in an RV doing squats over his steering wheel,'" one person wrote.

"Okay but if I’m driving down the road and look over and see Dax doing this, I’ll crash from laughing so hard," another person added.

Dax is taking the idea of multitasking to the next level. Truly impressive!