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Daughter's Birthday Surprise for Her Mom in Paris Is Too Good To Miss

They say that love can travel across vast distances, and that's very true. However, there's nothing like having your loved ones right there with you when you want them the most. Seeing people go the distance- literally- to be with their loved ones is enough to warm anyone's heart.

TikTok user @_diamacondro went to Paris with her mother for her mom's birthday. While her mom was enjoying herself, she was sad that her other daughter couldn't also join their trip, and wished that her daughter could "teleport to Paris from New York for her birthday." Little did Mom know, but the two daughters had hatched a plan that resulted in a wonderful surprise!

Reunion videos like this one are always a treat... they're so sweet. We got choked up when Mom started crying. She really loves her daughters! It's clear that her daughters love her back, too. They literally went the extra mile- and then some!- to surprise their mom on an already spectacular birthday trip!

This video spoke to moms everywhere. "As a Mom, my heart is melting over this," said  @lmnmclv. "What good daughters you are - hope you all had a blast!!" chimed in @zoe_h75.

People didn't forget the daughter, though- nor her celebrity lookalike! "Is your sister Taylor Swift" asked @__katiej__. "I thought it’s gonna be a Taylor swift surprise 😂😂," quipped @caitlinwiduch. Oh yeah... now that we think about it, we can definitely see the resemblance! LOL!

We know this had to be the birthday celebration of a lifetime for Mom. We're just so pleased that her family got to be with her to enjoy it all!

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