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Parents' Reactions to Daughter Surprising Them With a Visit Home Are Just Priceless

We can't get over this one!

There's nothing quite as good as seeing people get surprised by family members and friends they haven't seen for awhile... and as far as that categories go, we're total suckers for parents being surprised by their kids. As the kids turn into adults with their own lives, we don't always get to see them as much as we used to. Who doesn't want their kid back under their roof again, even if just for a few days? 

One daughter on TikTok, @midwesterndesertdweller, shared what happened when she surprised her parents with a visit and they almost didn't recognize her. She was in a taxi when she caught them in the car leaving a concert, and it's so funny to see her parents realize that it was her in the cab.

Since she was wearing a mask and they weren't expecting to see her, it's easy to see why both of her parents would be confused, including her dad who said it was "weird" that this girl talking to them from inside a cab looked so much like her daughter.

But then, seeing their reactions when she took her mask off? Priceless!

"Everyone including the cab driver experienced some form of surprise during this," the daughter joked in the comments, adding in another that the driver really went the extra mile to make sure she caught up with them.

All visits home to parents should be a surprise — or at least more of them. Having moments like this is too sweet to pass up. 

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