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Mom's Response to Daughter Trying to Prank Her at Hotel Check-In Is Perfect

When you've just touched down after a long flight and you pull up to your hotel, the last thing you want is to run across any issues at check-in. You wanna get to your room, maybe change and go down to the pool, or perhaps just flop on the bed and stretch out on top of those cool, freshly washed sheets...

Or, if you're like TikTok user @kerri_okie, you can use this opportunity to prank your co-traveler- in this case, Kerri's mom. Kerri pranks her mom with a preposterous claim- she says the hotel doesn't provide sheets or comforters. Her mom, who clearly wants to get checked in and relax, is not too happy with this "revelation!"

LOL! Can you blame her indignant reaction? If we'd just pulled up to a hotel only to be told that they didn't have any pillows or blankets there, we'd be pretty peeved, too! Her deadpan-but-sweet "I love you," at the end made us smile though... and her reactions throughout the video make us wonder if this isn't the first time that Kerri has pranked her...

The creator's TikTok account, @kerri_okie, is a mother/daughter page showing trips and touching moments with Kerri and her mom. From the looks of it, it sounds like they have a tight-knit relationship, one where little pranks like this one are all in good fun! Kerri and her mom have a dedicated group of fans who showed their love in the comments. "Mama @judyl786 you look stunning! Love the hair." complimented user @shelby81274. "Every time I see your mom I think Ouiser (@Shirley MacLaine) from Steel Magnolias," said @smithchaos.

Here's the kicker, though: some people actually LIKED the idea of a hotel that's BYOB (bring your own bedding)! "I would RATHER bring my own pillows sheets and comforter!! 😂" said @kevans8284. User @rosinap935 seemed to concur: "I'd prefer that anyway. At least then I know the blanket was washed! 😂"

Hmm... maybe there's something to this idea, though we think the hassle of hauling your own comforter and sheets would be a turn-off to most. All that aside, we hope that Kerri and her mama continue having fun adventures with each other and making these cute videos together!

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