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Couple Sets Up 'Date Night' in the Hotel Bathroom and We're So Here for It

Busy parents often have difficulty making time for romance with each other, what with young kids, work, chores, and everything else getting in the way. This challenge gets even trickier if you're sharing very close quarters, especially on vacation. Some parents have to get a bit creative to make a little room for quality time with their partner.

TikTok user @jaybrink13 shows us how she and her boyfriend @russb41 made time for a mini date night, even on vacation with their four kids. Since the whole family was sharing one hotel room, they had to get extra creative with the space. Their solution? Date night in the hotel bathroom while their kids were asleep!

Let's do a quick vibe check. White Claws? Check. Pork rinds for snack time? Check. Adequate seating? LOL, well, it's a toilet and an office chair, but they make it work so, check. Privacy? They've got their own private room- the bathroom! It ticks all the boxes for a date night, albeit a bit unconventionally.

This unique date night set up was relatable to a lot of the commenters, particularly those with kids themselves. "And that's parenting 😂 love this," said @jenniferharmony4 . "Been there done that, it’s all about putting in the effort" commented @emmyg1988. Despite the cramped and unconventional conditions, though, you can tell that they're having fun. "He looks like a happy m'fer." remarked one user. @jaybrink13, the video's creator, responded "He better be 😂." LOL!

It just goes to show that you can find joy in the simplest of things- all you need is a little ingenuity and creativity!

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