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Woman Who Danced at Delta Airport Gate to Score an Upgrade Is a True Legend

We're so happy she won the seat.

Some of us will do anything for a flight upgrade, and there's absolutely no shame in that. Why travel in economy (or pay for first class) if you don't have to? Sometimes, we get lucky with a surprise upgrade while traveling if the circumstances are right... and sometimes, apparently, people will even compete for one. 

Case in point: @britini_deangelo, who really rose to the occasion during one of her recent trips. In a video she shared on TikTok, she showed off her skills big time when a Delta gate agent announced that they'd be giving a free Comfort+ to the best dancer. 

You have to see this — when we say she did not hold back, we really mean it. This girl has guts!

We give her some serious credit for busting a move in front of that many people at the gate (and then, of course, in front of even more people once she shared it on the internet for the world to see). Even if she wasn't good at dancing, we'd be impressed, but we do have to admit that after seeing her do the worm so flawlessly, she did deserve that title of "best dancer." 

Luckily, she didn't put herself out there for nothing. She did, in fact, win the upgrade (just as she should). And now, her video is going viral, too, which just sweetens the deal. 

More airlines should start having competitions like this. Not that we'd necessarily be willing to embarrass ourselves like that, but we'd like the opportunity to watch others do it!