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Video of Dads 'Supervising' Cruise Ship Pulling Out of Port Is Classic

Our parents can be so predictable on vacation. While everyone is a unique individual, there are some things that seem to just naturally speak to moms and dads in particular. We've talked a lot about "airport dads" aka the stereotype of the dad who's extra-efficient when preparing for air travel. But what about just "port dads?"

The TikTok account @middleclassfancy posted a hilarious video of dozens of dads lining on deck to witness their cruise ship pulling out of port. They just can't seem to help themselves!

LMAO! This video is just so overwhelming- everywhere the camera pans, there's another dad standing there! It's almost like the act of the ship pulling out of port is magnetic to them. It's such classic dad behavior- but who knows why they do it? Is it some kind of protective instinct, making sure the ship departs without a hitch- or is in another fascination entirely?

Dads in the comments didn't stay silent on the subject- they spoke up about what compels them to behave this way. "I love to do this. If you've ever docked a boat and managed tight spots, it's fun to watch a gigantic vessel perfectly get out or in," explained @tunaslayerddad41. "I do that on airplanes, make sure they're doing it right even though I don't know how they're doing it," empathized @patrickarcher802. LOL!

"This is an extremely important job. Last cruise, I joined about 50 other dads and we all helped to make sure the ship cleared the dock. We are heroes," stated @lastofthegenxers. Our apologies- we didn't realize how important the fleet of observer dads was to the function of a cruise ship! Thank you for your service, dads!

It's hilarious how predictable human nature can be at times. Whether you're on a plane or a cruise ship, look around when you set off- you'll probably spot a dad in observation mode!

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