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Hilarious Video Parody of How Dads Act on Vacation Is Going Viral

This is totally on point and so funny!

People talk about what it's like to travel with kids a lot, but nobody talks about the total transformation that dads go through when they're on vacation. They might pack their Hawaiian shirt and talk a lot about how much relaxing they're about to do before the flight takes off, but once the trip actually starts, it's a totally different ball game.

Sound familiar? This video from @artbydemarcusshawn on TikTok is about to bring back memories from your childhood that you forgot you had. If you've ever been a kid on vacation with the family and learned the hard way you would not be sleeping in, this hilarious video is for you! 

Dad coming into the hotel room to wake everyone up way too early, fully dressed and barking orders at his kids to get up and eat breakfast? Yep, that's absolutely spot on... and since over 13 million people have seen this video, we have a feeling it's resonating with plenty of others, too. 

"They already toured the whole destination before we wake up," one person who related with the video commented.

Others pointed out that Dad would be the first one napping later... something that might not have happened if he'd just let himself (and the kids) sleep in a little. LOL!

We've all been woken up by this kind of dad on vacation... and some of us will even become this parent to our kids on vacation. We've gotta cut him some slack, though — he's just excited to get his day started with his kids! 

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