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Dad's Reaction to Attending Holiday Party at the 'White House' Is Just the Best

He's so cute we can't stand it.

The annual holiday parties held at the White House and hosted by the sitting president are a tradition that dates back to the 1800s. Last year, the party was canceled thanks to the pandemic, but Joe Biden decided to bring back the festivities for 2022. This meant that those lucky enough to be invited got to get all dressed up and celebrate the season in one of the most iconic landmarks in the country — not too shabby! 

One man on TikTok, @jheebs, scored an invite because he used to work as a video director at the White House, and decided to bring his dad along as his plus one. And judging by this footage, his dad couldn't have been more thrilled to be invited along for what we can confidently say ended up being one of the most memorable nights of his life. 

His excitement over the party began before they even left the house. "I'm headed to the White House. I have an appointment with the president and the first lady," Dad proudly announced while he laced up his shoes. 

That excitement only grew when they got to the White House and waited in line to have their picture taken, and all of the pictures of Dad posing happily inside tell us everything we need to know. He was truly living! 

By the time Biden arrived and spoke with the crowd, his dad was positively glowing... and he gave a review as they left at the end of the party.

"I can't even explain how cool this was," he admitted.

Back home, he gave a full play by play of the party to his wife, and we suspect he'll be talking about this for months to come — if not years.

This man made his dad's year by sharing this experience with him, and something tells us that neither of them will forget this night for the rest of their lives.