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Adorable Video of Dad Playing 'The License Plate Game' Is Going Viral

Anyone who's taken a road trip before the advent of smartphones remembers all the stuff we used to do to pass the time. Singing songs, looking for different farm animals, playing 21 Questions, playing Punch Buggy if you and your siblings wanted to annoy each other. But who here remembers playing the License Plate Game? You and your fellow passengers would have to see who could find the most plates from different states.

One dad is bringing back the License Plate Game in a big way. TikTok user @alyssacronin13 recently went on a family road trip and caught them playing the License Plate Game on video. Her dad is very, very serious about the game. If there was a World Championship for this game, he'd be a contender!

If you plan on playing the License Plate Game with this family, you best come prepared. That dad means business! He even has a board to keep track of each state whose plates he spots. He and his front seat companion are absolutely smoking the competition in the back seat, with the score showing them leading 32-1 at one point!

The internet loves watching dads do dad stuff, so it's no surprise that the video went viral, currently sitting at 2 million views. It triggered lots of memories in people of their own experiences playing the game. "In our car the game became so competitive that you had to call out the State name and then add the correct state capital." commented user @mienekemaher. "That otherworldly feeling you get when you see a Hawaii plate," reminisced @thebridgetbaker. The video's creator agreed: "It’s an out of body experience."

And of course, some commenters had to roast Team Backseat for their poor performance: "Dude backseat is NOT playing 😂," zinged user @elizabeth8580. @alyssacronin13 responded: "I accidentally contributed zero (0) states." Come on, Alyssa, step up your game! Dad is running circles around you!

As for the state board her dad uses? Alyssa has an Amazon link to it on her profile so road-trippers can use it for their own games. If you want a break from your screens the next time you're a passenger on a road trip, start scanning for some license plates!

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