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Woman's Video of Her Dad Getting Into 'Holiday Mode' Is Cracking People Up

Everyone knows somebody how loves to be extremely early before their flight. Depending on what type of a person you are, that can either be a good thing or be a little bit frustrating. However, with the lengths of security lines these days, getting to the airport hours early may be the right call.  

Case in point, dads who can't resist getting a head start on their vacation. In a new video that was shared on TikTok by @millymiddz, the creators shows her dad getting into full-on "holiday mode," which has us totally cracking up. This couldn't be more spot-on! 

LOL! Is this guy a hoot, or what? People are laughing at just how typical this is. One commenter, @j.s.1999 said, "Up at 2:15am, so I’m guessing your flight was at 4pm?" 4pm is cutting it close in dad world! 

This woman also posted a part 2 of this travel series. You can see how her dad acts on the actual vacation, and let's just say the behavior does not stop. You'll want to see how this story continues. 

People are not letting up on this one either. One commenter said, "This is not a holiday, it’s a trap 😂, it’s a boot camp 😂." From the way he was running to catch a train he was early for, we would think it was a boot camp, too. 

Still, the commenters recognize how this behavior comes from a good place. One viewer added, "I love your dad... Makes me miss mine so much 🥺 cherish him." No matter how particular or neurotic our family is, it's our family! 

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