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Video of Woman’s Dad Falling Asleep on Various ‘Disney’ Rides Is Cracking People Up

Disney World may be the happiest place on earth for many across the world, but for those who have grown out of the magic may succumb to a power nap. The allure of Disney truly is fun for the whole family, even when the theme song from Frozen turns into a lullaby for moms and dads everywhere.

In a video that was shared on TikTok by @littebit.yung, she shows a hilarious compilation video of her dad falling asleep on different Disney rides. You’ll totally get a kick out of this dude! 

HA! Guess this guy got a little too much of the magic. Still, the comments agree that certain places in Disney are prime napping spots. User @kimkern said “I fall asleep on the Hall Of Presidents and the American Adventure every time 😂 They’re long days, and you need a quick nap sometimes haha!!” Apparently, a good power nap is all you need to get through a day in the parks. Some are even giving their top napping recommendations at Disney like, @user2478144429918, who said “Carousel of Progress is a solid place to take a nap. You can get at least 20 min of uninterrupted nap time, and it’s air conditioned.” We can only imagine the dad on that ride! 

However, some of the commenters are concerned for the dad and are questioning whether his habitual napping patterns may be of greater magnitude. User @hannahpeterson45 said “He might have sleep apnea. My dad used to fall asleep almost anywhere. Now he sleeps with a mask and says it’s the best sleep ever.”  

Regardless of why this guy needed to catch a few z’s, he sure provided everyone around him with a good dose of extra entertainment! 

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