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Dad's Epic Reaction to Seeing His Daughter in Ireland After 2 Years Apart Is Perfect

Although COVID-19 has not officially ceased to exist, we can say for sure that now travel restrictions have eased up. Reunions have been trending lately on the internet after many family members can finally reconnect in our world, post-pandemic. 

In a new video that was shared on TikTok by @kierafields0, she shows her parents' reactions when she surprises them in Ireland after not seeing them in person for two-and-a-half years. Warning: this clip is a tear-jerker! It'll definitely pull some of your heartstrings while watching it, check it out. 

Haha, best reaction ever! The utter shock that both her parents had just brings such a smile to our faces. However, dad's epic reaction is what really has people talking. One comment from user @birdy1994 said, "The way your dad pointed at you, I'm howling. Plus, the extra slap round the face 😜🤣 love this, reminds me of my dad ❤️". LOL his reaction was so genuine! Another TikTok user, @katecorps4, is also a huge fan of this dad, saying, "It’s like your dad's just said his first words and is really proud of himself 😂." OMG such a good comparison! He was really at a loss for words. 

As it turns out, this video did much more than give people a good laugh. The creator had lost her luggage and used the video to reach people in the hopes that someone could help her find it. She posted in the comments, "If anyone works or lives near Frankfurt, Germany airport, please hit me up. My suitcase is lost, and I can’t get in contact with anyone!! 😌" And thankfully, she gave us all an update by commenting, "THE POWER OF TIKTOK - my suitcase has arrived home after 2 weeks!!!!" Never underestimate the power of social media! 

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