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Dad's Trick to Ensure His Babies Don't Wake People Up on the Family Vacation Makes Him a Legend

People should seriously take notes from this guy.

Traveling with children is often a stressful experience in itself, especially when they're little. After all, it's hard enough to make sure our little ones sleep enough at night at home, let alone when they're in unfamiliar surroundings! And then, there's also the challenge that the babies will end up waking up those we're splitting the space with — or even other guests in a hotel. 

But we may have a solution to this problem, thanks to one crafty dad (@2dads2twins) on TikTok. During his recent vacation, he had a trick to make sure his twin girls didn't wake anyone else up when they got up a bit too early for breakfast.

This dad took his babies into the closet to feed them their first meal of the day, where he could ensure that they got the food they were hungry for and didn't disturb the other people they were sharing their Airbnb with. It's kind of genius — it's like a little adventure for the kids, since this is obviously a break in their usual routine, and Dad gets to make sure they're fed without stressing that they're being too loud. Everybody wins!

And as far as we can see in this video, both of the girls look pretty content to be chowing down on their bananas in peace.

"They are happy and unbothered. That's a good thing! You're an amazing father!" one person commented on the video. 

Another parent saw it as a chance to reminisce, writing, "I remember those days. I spent many a morning walking the grounds of a resort with a babe in a stroller so we didn’t wake anyone up." 

We might have to take Dad's advice here. This isn't a bad idea.