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Cute Motel in Ontario Gives Off Serious 'Schitt's Creek' Vibes

Though the show came to a close in 2020, Schitt's Creek has endured as a hilariously tongue-in-cheek yet genuinely touching TV gem. One of the show's most memorable locations is the Rosebud Motel where the Rose family weathers out their financial hardships. Despite the motel being a rundown mess, it managed to grow on its viewers.

One Ontario motel, Penny's Motel, looks a lot like the Rosebud brought to life- albeit a bit more upscaled version. Toronto vlogger @maiifinds brings us inside this "luxury motel."

Oh yeah, we can definitely see the resemblance. Even the "Penny's" on the sign resembles the font on the sign for the Rosebud. Other commenters caught onto it as well. "Schitt’s Creek dupe," @kookoobananas1 pointed it out. "Schitt's Creek vibes," @michelleme2 agreed. 

OK, OK, but there's more to this motel than its passing resemblance to the Rosebud. Though its exterior is unassuming, Penny's Motel is absolutely adorable on the inside. Despite @maiifinds admitting that a "luxury motel" sounds oxymoronic, she proved that a motel really can be swanky! The rooms are spacious, comfy and beautifully decorated, and we really loved the cozy bar and its welcoming heated patio. Who ever said a motel stay couldn't be luxurious?

Others were surprised by Penny's inviting upscale interiors. "Legit been past this place hundreds of times and never would have imagined it was that nice," marveled @samanthasimpson18. "Lol okay it's actually nice. I definitely laughed out loud when I heard a "luxury motel"," @noel17diaz admitted. 

One local, @aprril88, was glad to have watched Penny's bloom into what it is today: "It's well worth it. They transformed this place so much, put so much work and time into it! I work in Blue and watched this place blossom. Amazing owners as well!" 

Despite Penny's resemblance to the show's motel, you definitely don't need to be a Schitt's Creek fan to stay here. But if you need a snug and surprisingly swanky place to stay near Ontario's Georgian Bay, check out the curiously charming Penny's Motel!

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