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Man's Viral Video About the Reality of Cruising at Night Is Totally Spot-On

Just don't look over the side when the sun goes down.

Going on a cruise is a lot of people's idea of an ideal vacation. It's relaxing, it usually involves a few stops at beautiful beaches, and entertainment is always just a few steps away. But some people are a bit freaked out by them for reasons other than the possibility of getting seasick, and after watching this video, we're starting to understand why.

While on a cruise ship, @austinsprinz posted a video of what the view from his Royal Caribbean cruise was like at night, and we'll admit that how dark it is in the middle of the ocean after the sun goes down is something we never considered. Holy abyss! 

He shared the video of what it looks like to look out on the water at night, and there's nothing — it's just darkness. Most of us aren't used to that kind of dark without light pollution from other sources on land, like cities and even street lights, so it's definitely a bit of a shock to the system. 

While many who watched the video were worried about this man's phone possibly getting lost in the sea while filming, others were simply stressed by the dark.

"I went on a cruise a few weeks ago and at night everything was pitch black when you looked at the windows," one commenter wrote.

Despite the darkness, cruising is still totally worth it. There's always the option to simply stay inside at night, after all! 

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