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Mom's Vacation Surprise for Little Boy Just Keeps Getting Better

He couldn't believe his eyes.

Involving the kids in planning a family vacation can be a lot of fun, but if you haven't ever surprised your kids with a trip, it might be something to consider. After watching the videos of how shocked they are when they find out they're going somewhere amazing (especially if they think they're going to school), it's hard not to want to create that magic in our own families. There's nothing like seeing that look on their faces when we've really pulled one over on them.

If you need an example to get you motivated to try planning your own surprise, this video on TikTok from @mnmonte21 might just do it. She just kept giving her kid surprise after surprise, and this sweet little boy was so grateful for all of it.

According to the video, this little boy thought that he was going to the circus, but instead, his mom had been planning a cruise to the Bahamas where all of his best friends would be waiting. The surprises began when, instead of the circus, they went to pick up his abuela at the airport — he didn't know she was coming!

Then, all three of them went to the port, where he saw the ships and realized he was boarding one of them. From all the dancing he was doing and the hugs he was giving his mom, this probably would have been enough for him... but then, his friends started showing up, and there were actual tears! 

In the comments, viewers kept sharing how heartwarming watching this was, especially after seeing all the love this little boy showed each of his friends as they arrived.

"You’re so awesome, Mom! What a great memory... something you two will always be able to talk/bond over!" one person wrote.

There's no doubt that either of them will ever forget this. Way to go, Mom!