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Traveler Lists 5 Things Cruisers Should Do on Day 1 of Their Trip

Your top priorities on any cruise trip should be to relax and have fun. However, if you're the type that likes to prepare, you likely spend your first day on board rushing to square everything away and prepare for the rest of the voyage. How do you strike a balance between checking off all your preperation boxes and not getting overstressed?

Travel vlogger @yourstrulychelsea is a cruise expert. She lists 5 things to do on Day 1 of your cruise to help you get your ducks in a row without stressing yourself out!

We like how common sense her advice here is. It's a perfect blend of getting everything squared away for the rest of the trip, such as booking onshore excursions and restaurant reservations, while still easing yourself into self-care and that relaxation mindset that you'll want to maintain for the remainder of your voyage. By reserving all your extras and learning the layout of your ship early, you won't leave anything to chance. Now go grab yourself a piña colada- that was our favorite tip, personally!

One of Chelsea's viewers added an additional caveat to her first piece of advice that might be good to keep in mind. "Most passengers head to the buffet. However if any restaurants are already open, we prefer to eat there. Way less hectic!" recommended @flagammy. Good advice- you want that first meal on board to be chill and easy-going, not rushed. It's worth it to go the quieter restaurant route first, and save the buffet for later!

Chelsea may have gained this knowledge from her experience going on tons of cruises, but you don't need to be a cruise expert to implement these super-simple tips. By using your time wisely during your first day on board, you can fully prepare for the rest of your trip while easing yourself into relaxation mode!

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