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Cruise Ship Worker Shares How Easy It Is to Get Left Behind by a Ship

You have to take departure times seriously.

Cruises are about so much more than the activities that are offered on the ship. During even short cruises, the ship will likely dock at least once, offering those on board the chance to explore a gorgeous beach, privately owned island, or other location, and for many people, that means excursions. The kinds of activities that travelers can book off the ship are pretty endless, and could end up being some of the most unforgettable parts of the trip.

But no matter how much fun you're having on your excursion, you can't lose track of time, and this TikTok video from cruise ship worker really reminds us why. It's easier than you might think to get left behind by a ship... and we don't even want to think about how expensive a mistake like that could end up being! 

This man and his coworkers were off the Royal Caribbean's Wonder of the Seas while it was docked, and they almost missed getting back on the ship. They were so busy having fun on land that they didn't realize what time it was, and it required a water taxi speeding to get them as close as they could to the ship so that they could make it back on before it was too late. 

That must have been so stressful! And as he later explained in a comment, he thinks that missing a ship like that for an employee could end in that person being fired, since they'd be unable to work — yikes! 

As a passenger, it's just as important to keep this lesson in mind. While those who are on an excursion sponsored by the ship likely won't face this problem, since multiple passengers from the ship will be on the same schedule and the ship will wait, it won't wait if you book through a third party, and that can lead to a big issue.

Keep an eye on the time and you won't have a problem — or at least be prepared to run!