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Cruise Ship Pool Turns Into 'Waterfall' After Ship Makes a Hard Turn

From tall, twisty waterslides to FlowRider surf simulators, water-based attractions are popular features on many major cruise ships. As cruise ships get bigger and bigger, so do their rides and attractions. However, if your cruise ship suddenly has a massive waterfall when there wasn't one before, that's not a new water feature- something's gone wrong.

Australia's shared a shocking video to their official TikTok account. A passenger aboard Royal Caribbean's Harmony of the Seas recorded as a sudden turn caused the ship's pool to overflow into a spontaneous waterfall.

 Whoa... This would honestly be pretty cool if it wasn't, y'know... not supposed to be there. If we saw a six-story waterfall suddenly appear on board our cruise ship, we'd probably be more than a little concerned! Cruise ships don't habitually make sudden hard turns- we'd see a lot more pools overflowing into spontaneous waterfalls if they did. So what the heck happened here?

The full story can be read here, but to briefly summarize the key points: the Harmony of the Seas was sailing in the Caribbean when the ship's crew spotted a small raft at the last moment. The cruise ship was forced to make an emergency hard right turn to avoid a head-on collision that would likely have killed everyone aboard the raft. While this manuever didn't harm the cruise ship, it did cause loose objects to shift- sending the contents of the deck pool cascading into the open-air promenade below! Thankfully, the water didn't carry any unfortunate swimmers along with it!

This scenario terrified some viewers. "Casually adding to my reasons why I refuse to get on a cruise. The list continues to grow," claimed @sharidenise. "I would 100% cry if I saw this probably thinking it’s the ocean water and the ship is sinking," confessed @lesbians4ahsoka. 

However, those who were actually on the vessel at the time say it wasn't as scary as it looks. "I was on this ship, didn’t even feel it turn and they cleaned up the water in under 10 mins. Probably the best vacation of my life," vouched @maasonsmith.

If anything, a few people were really into the impromptu waterfall. "Honestly that’s kinda bad*ss. I’d be chugging beers at the newly formed water fall," admired @coorsthedoggo. Who knows? After this incident, perhaps they'll end up adding a permanent waterfall to Harmony of the Seas!

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