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Video of a Cruise Ship During a Storm Is Tripping Us Out

Nobody embarks on a cruise hoping to encounter bad weather- we all want light breezes, calm waters, and a safe voyage over the seas. However, weather is unpredictable, and sometimes a struggle through a storm can't be avoided. A rough night on stormy seas can be a very unsettling experience for the people aboard!

TikTok user @charlotte.frate is a musical theater performer for Brittany Ferries, a luxury ferry company. Embarking out of Cork one evening, Charlotte's ship encountered bad weather- and her ride through the storm is an ominious one!

This is pretty creepy. Granted, they're aboard a luxury ferry, which are smaller than your average cruise ship, so they're going to feel that bad weather a whole lot more- especially with those ~23 foot waves crashing against them. Still, anyone who's been on a cruise through a bad storm can relate to that unnerving, uncomfortable rocking, and the anxiety of staring down into the dark churning waves. Check out how those drinks were just sliding off of the tables- hope nobody left any hot tea or coffee unattended! 

Charlotte's viewers were no less unsettled by her disconcerting ride through the storm. "I'd be so violently sick," empathized @agbaines06- we hope they had plenty of Dramamine aboard that night!

"Oh heck no, not for me, I'm more afraid of the boat tipping over," said @joshua6842. "I'm terrified of the ocean so I would cry sooo much if that happened to me," admitted @chloe__xxc.

Evidently, though, this passage is notorious for foul weather. "I’ve been on loads of ferries and cruises all over the world, but the crossing over to Spain on Pontaven remains the rockiest I have ever been on," shared one user. "I can remember a crossing from Cork and the Irish Sea takes no prisoners! Worst ever I’d experienced," recalled @lea_lea070.

Don't worry, though- Charlotte and her fellow passengers and crew made it through the night. That said, her video still serves as a grim, trippy reminder of how suddenly bad weather can strike a cruise, and how intense it can be!

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