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Cruise Ship Worker's Video Tour of 'Below Deck' Staff Quarters Is Going Viral

They actually live below the water level.

For those who love to travel — and spend a lot of time near and in the ocean — working on a cruise ship can seem like an ideal career. Sure, you're away from home a lot, but you're also having adventures. And apparently, the living situation doesn't suck, either, according to a video we just saw on TikTok. 

Cruise ship worker took to the app to share a tour of where he lives while he's on the ship, and it's easy to see why his video is going viral. This is so cool! He and the other employees actually live below the water level, and since they don't have any windows, it's amazing to see what the cruise ship has done for them instead.

Yep, those are giant TV screens that show what's going on above their deck so they don't have to go outside to see what the weather is like. That's brilliant — and a cool way to help them feel less closed in by nothing but walls and fluorescent lighting.

From the video, it looks like the employees also have a dedicated area to meet up and eat meals, and he gets to leave the ship when it's in a port, which means he gets to see all kinds of beautiful beaches. 

We can definitely see the appeal here, even though it's hard to imagine what living without windows for so long must be like!