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Cruise Ship Shower That Comes With an Ocean View Is the Stuff of Dreams

When you're booking a cabin for a cruise trip, you'll likely want a rundown of all the amenities the cabin includes. Practically everyone who takes a cruise trip wants their room to have an ocean view- preferably with a balcony to view it on. If you're riding on the Norwegian Epic line, however, you might want to ask your travel agent, "Does my shower have an ocean view?"

That's right- several of Norwegian Cruise Lines' ships include some cabins with full-length glass windows in their showers that look out straight over the ocean. The TikTok account @bigtimbertravel, representing a Nashville travel agency of the same name, showed us one of these "bathrooms with a view" on the Norwegian Epic line. The view is to die for!

To us, nothing sounds more relaxing than taking a morning shower in there and getting to stare out over the sea. It's a perfect peaceful getaway from the rest of the world- a great place to take a quiet moment just for yourself.

What did everyone else think? "OMG SUCH AN AMAZING VIEW I NEED TO GO HERE ASAP" said user @korben.wallace excitedly. "Water water 💧 I love water makes me happy," commented @babyblye. We suppose that with the shower plus the ocean view, this bathroom is great for big fans of...water. LMFAO.

There was one small concern that bothered a few people- the privacy aspect. "Hopefully there are no boats going by." remarked @jojoyoyo22. "The fish: 👁👄👁" joked @zachj.d. LOL! Luckily though, privacy isn't a concern in these showers. As @bigtimbertravel replied in the comments, "You can only see out. You can’t see in 😏." Perfect!

Interested travelers should be advised, however, that only a few higher-end cabins on some of the liners have this amenity. As @bigtimbertravel specified in the comments, this is the Haven-2 room on the NCL Epic ship. If you want this windowed shower, be prepared to shell out a little extra for the nicer room. Still, we think this is a lovely option for cruise travelers who want the top-tier cruise suite experience!