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Little-Known Perk of Working on a Cruise Ship Has Us Totally Mind-Blown

When we hear testimonials and stories from cruise ship workers, they usually let us in on what daily life is like- talking about their jobs, where they stay, what they do in their free time, etc. But what can we learn about the friends and family of cruise workers? As it turns out, they're entitled to some pretty sweet perks themselves.

Musician is an entertainer aboard Royal Caribbean's Wonder of the Seas. In this video, he talks about a mind-blowing perk of his job regarding his friends and family.

...Can we become friends with Bryan? We had no idea that this was a thing, but it totally rocks. $40 a day might seem like a lot, but most trips aboard the Wonder of the Seas start at around $82/day per person- over twice as much, not including port taxes. And the best part- there's absolutely no limit. This is great for cruise ship workers, as it gives them an opportunity to link up with their loved ones while they're away at sea for half a year or more. It's also great for friends and family too, because- well, we think it's pretty obvious why! We need to start befriending cruise ship workers, clearly.

Some people saw this as the ultimate life hack. "I'm hearing $1,200 a month rent on the ocean and no other utilities or food bills," remarked @mothersarahrah. You know what, good point- plus, you get the added perk of traveling the world. "There is an elderly woman who chose to live on cruise ships instead of a retirement home because she gets all the same services + travel for cheaper," shared @itsannhedonia- the story is 100% true, by the way. Honestly, if you work remotely- or if you have a pretty solid retirement pension- maybe this is the way to go!

Of course, this arrangement is not without its occasional hiccups. "This works unless the ship is completely booked to capacity and then you might end up with both your parents sharing your tiny single-crew cabin... (I say this from experience haha)," warned @emilyesenn.

Oh no! Well, nothing's perfect. If it gets you an extended luxury trip at sea, we think we personally could rough it for a few nights. Now if you'll excuse us, we're going to get on Bumble BFF and set our preferences to "cruise line employees". We've got some friends to make.

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