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Woman's Unexpected Cruise Ship Love Story Is a Movie Set to Life

It's hard to believe stuff like this actually happens.

We've all watched at least a couple of movies or read a few books where two people meet and fall in love on vacation. And if you're single, you might have even wished that meet-cute could happen to you! It's easy to see why — vacations often happen in romantic settings, creating the perfect backdrop for a rom-com of your very own.

But if you think that could never happen in real life, think again. One woman on TikTok, @mikayla.pfouts13, shared what happened when a cruise trip with her mom actually ended up being where she met her future husband. 

Set to the "Magic School Bus" theme song, this woman shared the story of how she went on a cruise ship to take a break from the dating world and spend some one-on-one time with her mom... only to meet a man who would end up changing the course of her life.  

After they hit it off on the ship, they kept things going even after the cruise came to an end, even though they lived in two different states. After visiting each other and deciding to date long distance, they ultimately ended up getting engaged. OMG! 

We have a feeling she wasn't expecting this when she climbed aboard. But it's a super sweet story, and according to the comments on her video, plenty of people are envious.

"I take this as a sign. I leave on my first cruise next Monday!" one person wrote.

Let this be a sign to all the single ladies out there: If you're going on a cruise, come prepared to meet your future spouse. You never know what could happen!