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Cruise Passengers' Unfortunate Hot Tub Mishap Is a Pretty Epic Fail

Something tells us they were not expecting this.

For some cruise ship enthusiasts, the most magical part of their vacation is hanging out on the balcony, breathing in the salty sea air and enjoying the spectacular views of the ocean and the sky. Occasionally, if your stateroom is nice enough, your balcony is equipped with extra amenities, such as a hot tub, which really allows you to relax and take in the breathtaking surroundings. But you’d better be careful how you treat the jets, or you’ll spell disaster not only for yourself, but all your neighbors as well.

In this video, regular cruise ship passenger @cruisinsusie films a shocking development outside her cabin’s small balcony. Apparently, someone in the suite next door did not read the instructions on their balcony’s hot tub and filled it with bubble bath. The jets on the device quickly turned the tub into a bubble making machine, filling both balconies with enough suds to throw a foam party.

“It looks like snow!” she exclaims, as white froth blows around her balcony and settles in drifts across every surface.

Fortunately, Susie has a good attitude about mishaps like this. Instead of complaining about the mess, she waited for the sea breeze and time to blow the bubbles away, and was mainly worried about her neighbor's reaction to the repair bill that was surely forthcoming from the ship’s staff. “There goes their cruise credit,” remarks @Thegrrinch75.

“They’re lucky they have you for a neighbor and not a Karen,” said @Roseann Jimenez. “Not your neighbor on the right peering over!” added @Tiffany.

Let this be a warning to anyone else lucky enough to find themselves on a cruise with their own private balcony hot tub: Bathing suits: yes, Bubble bath: no.

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