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Woman Desperately Tries to Find Friend She Made on Cruise and People Are Invested

Have you ever made a vacation buddy while on a trip? A lot of people connect with fellow travelers while on a cruise or a vacation to a new area. Some of these are brief friendships that end with the trip, while others go on for long after everyone has gone back home.

TikTok user Sarah, who goes by @weliveinagiantsnowglobe, is in a predicament. See, she made a really good friend on a cruise she took recently, but they never exchanged numbers and they lost contact once the trip ended. Now, she's taken her search for her cruise ship buddy online to try and reconnect with her!

To anybody who's ever lost contact with a vacation buddy, this situation is super relatable. It can be really sad to lose what was becoming a great relationship simply because you can't find each other after the trip has ended. Sarah isn't going to give up without a fight though. Is the power of the internet enough to reconnect the two friends?

People all across the country- heck, even across the globe, were chiming in to let Sarah know how far her video reached. "You reached Texas baby!" said @ameliastewart.t. "You’ve reached California’" said @no1knows_geraldine. "Reached Europe," chimed in @dc..daniela. "Reached Japan!" added @rosesippindat. We could keep going, but you get the idea- from El Salvador to Estonia, everyone was sounding off... but no sign of her friend.

Others who had been in a similar predicament shared their sympathies. "I have a cruise ship friend to this day too. Such a thing lol hope you find her!" shared @sydney_wittmann.

So far, no sign of the missing friend has been spotted, at least not in the comments. But if you have a friend who recently took a cruise and talks about a missed friendship connection, show them this video. You may end up reconnecting the two new pals!

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