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Kids Will Flip for Oceanview Cruise Cabin with Separate Bunks

This room is perfect for a family of 5.

Traveling with kids can be really stressful, no matter what the destination happens to be, but one of the more laid back options with young children is to take a cruise. Once you arrive, your food, lodging, and activities are all in one place, and many cruise lines even have kids' clubs that will take the little ones off your hands so you can relax by the pool with a drink and take a breather. We can see why this is such a popular option for families.

One of the downsides of taking kids on a cruise is how small the most affordable state rooms can be, especially if you're trying to pack a family of four or five into one cabin.  But thanks to this video from travel agent @cruisinsusie, it seems like one cruise line has found a solution to this issue. 

This room can be found on Royal Caribbean's ship Allure of the Seas. It's called the Ultra Spacious Oceanview Stateroom, and one of the biggest perks here is the fact that there are bunk beds in the cabin — a perfect way to save space and offer plenty of room for the kiddos to sleep. 

These rooms come with a king sized bed, a pull out couch, and a bunk bed, so it can easily sleep a family of five without sacrificing that precious floor space. And after seeing a tour of the full room, it looks like the bathroom is pretty roomy, too, which isn't always the case on cruise ships. 

If you're traveling with kids or teenagers, this seems like a great way to save money by booking just one cabin while also making sure everyone is comfortable. And considering how cool most kids think bunk beds are, it'll probably totally make their vacation so much more special.