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Couple Spots Cruise Ship Coming Straight Toward Them While Taking in Balcony View

We'd want to get off the ship too at this point.

When it comes to vacation, some people can't imagine anything more relaxing than boarding a cruise ship, turning off their cell phone, and spending a week sitting by the pool with a cold drink. For others, the idea of cruising can really get the blood pressure up, and we don't blame them. It's not unheard of to get anxious about being on a ship in the middle of the ocean, and if you're someone who gets motion sickness, it makes even more sense.

Some travelers are brave enough to face their fears and board a cruise ship anyway, just to see what they've been missing all this time. But if we were afraid to begin with and on the ship that @themomthings was on when she saw a cruise ship coming straight towards her... we'd probably regret that decision just as much as it sounds like she does!

She's standing out on her balcony while they were docked in the port, checking out the view, when she sees a cruise ship in the distance that looks like it's headed straight for them. She immediately panicked, and in the background, we can hear her saying, "This kinda makes me wanna get off the boat." LOL!

In her caption, she admitted she was already anxious about the cruise to begin with, so we imagine this didn't help! Fortunately, there was no collision and she had nothing to worry about; she clarified in the comments that the other ship was just pulling into the port and everything was fine. It did look alarming, though!

According to her other videos, it looks like the rest of her cruise went off without a hitch, and her family enjoyed it (including the baby). We don't know if she'll be going on another cruise again, but we're glad to see that her moment of panic didn't stop her from having fun!