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Woman Takes Her Mattress Out on the Cruise Ship Balcony to Sleep and People Have Opinions

When you're on a cruise, one of the best parts is falling asleep to the peaceful sounds of the wind and the waves. Safe in our cabins, the hum of the ocean noises lulls us to sleep. How close would you be comfortable sleeping by the water, though- what if sleeping in your cabin just wasn't enough?

Evidently, for TikTok user @babyyygrl111, listening to the waves from her cabin really wasn't enough. She took things up to the next level with a move that was received pretty controversially by her viewers.

She's so extra. We can kind of understand wanting to sleep out there, where you can feel the ocean breezes on you and take in the fresh air. But there's just so much that could go wrong with this that we'd think twice- plus, you might mess up their mattress!

"All I can think of is a rogue wave 👋 😂," laughed @travellight11. Splash! How's that for a wake-up call? "I'm scared I would sleepwalk and jump," worried @amberaycock23. We don't like having that thought in our heads now. "I'd be scared of a strong wind taking me on a magic mattress ride into the ocean. Also, I have anxiety 😂,"  @cosmodeedamey fretted. We have to agree- there are just so many ways the weather can turn foul fast out on the sea, we wouldn't want to take the risk.

Besides, inclement weather isn't the only thing that could go wrong with this scenario! "That’s a hard no for me. The last cruise I was on, my neighbor to the front decided to puke off the balcony… spraying my entire balcony with vom," recalled @stormibrown. YUCK! That would be a waking nightmare.

If nothing else, don't attempt this mattress stunt for the sake of the cabin's next occupants. "It's probably nice but too humid and the mattress will soak up that moisture. The poor next occupants," chided @ben47784. Even the OP had to admit she hadn't thought that one through. If you really want to catch some Zzz's out on your cruise ship balcony, pack a sleeping bag- it'll be easier to pick up, too. Or, you know... "We just leave the balcony doors open. Same effect, less work," said @abeezy2012. That seems the most sensible!