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Cruise Passengers Get Left Behind in Bermuda in Nightmare-Scenario Video

While (ideally) cruises are low-stress experiences, a few things can go wrong that can turn your relaxing vacation into a real-life nightmare. Sure, things can go wrong on board- viral breakouts, septic issues, etc. But spending too much time off the ship can have dire consequences, too.

This video, taken by TikTok user @kitteyandkat, is a grim reminder of what can happen if you miss your call time. As the ship pulled off from Bermuda, there were still two passengers on the dock!

OMG! Total nightmare scenario. While it can be easy to get caught up in the fun of doing on-shore activities, things can go seriously wrong if you miss your call time back to the boat. The couple is very clearly unhappy- as you'd expect- which they shared in their own perspective video.

At first, commenters in the original @kitteyandkat video were pretty hard on the unfortunate couple. "What are you waving for the ship left the dock. Pay attention and read the instructions they say it several times," smirked @djlakay_. "I’m glad there’s at least some situations in which the customer has to deal with the consequences of their poor decisions," said @dns_117.

It's true that you should be very aware of call times when traversing off the ship. However, this situation was not so cut and dry. The original poster, @kitteyandkat, would make a follow-up video explaining the extenuating circumstance- and it sounds like the unfortunate couple really got screwed over.

Oh, that really sucks. They were reasonably expecting to have way more flexibility with time than they actually got! This has us paranoid about taking on-shore excursions on future cruises. If the itinerary can change that fast, a similar situation could happen to anybody!

According to other passengers on board the cruise, the whole trip was cursed from the jump. "That cruise was a whole disaster since we lost power and then on the first day we got off at 3pm instead of 1. Originally supposed to get off at 8am!!" attested @tessandrewsss. Man... this whole situation has us thinking twice about cruising.

There's a happy ending, though. The US embassy in Bermuda helped the couple get back to America and their trip was refunded- plus, they were given a free 5-day cruise as well! Something tells us that they'll probably play it safe and stay on the ship the next time they cruise, though.

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