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Former Cruise Director Shares 5 Things She'd Never Do While Cruising

These are some really important tips.

Whether you're planning a cruise vacation in the near future or you're an experienced cruiser hoping to make your next sailing even better, there's some seriously valuable information being shared on TikTok that you'll definitely want to hear.

A former cruise director, @dutchworld_americangirl (who now lives on a cruise ship for half the year), is sharing the five things she'd never do while on a cruise in a new video, and if anyone would know, it's her! 

Ready? You might want to write these tips down! 

Some of the things she recommended against are pretty obvious, like flying in the same day the cruise is leaving — that leaves too many opportunities to miss the ship as it sails out, especially with the way air travel has been for the past couple of years. 

But some of them are things we never would have thought of ourselves, like making sure to book any off ship excursions through the ship, and not off the ship, since if something goes wrong and you're late coming back, the ship will wait for you, which may not be the case if you go outside of the ship to book.

And above all else, she recommended travel insurance, especially if sailing internationally. Things go wrong on vacation all the time, so it's better to be prepared! 

These are some really helpful tips. What else can she share?