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Video Of Cruise Sailing Through Total Darkness Is Spine-Tingling

While luxurious cruises represent the ultimate dream vacation for some people, many people steer clear from cruises. There's a lot of reasons why some people don't like cruises: crowds, health and sanitation issues, environmental impact- but at the end of the day, there's one concern that runs deeper than all of those reasons. Underneath it all, some people are just really scared of the ocean.

While we don't share that fear ourselves, we get it. TikTok user @lovely.omg shared a video of her cruise at sea that was deeply unsettling!

OK, yeah, we get her apprehension- that video was spine-tingling! The waters looked ominous from the start, but once the moonless night fell, the pitch-black surroundings awoke a little panic in us. We don't know what would be worse: sailing through that total darkness, or having enough light to see the seas around you churning ominously! New fear unlocked, indeed!

Her viewers, empathizing with her new fear, came to share their own dread of the sea in the comments. "The ocean will always be the scariest place on earth," agreed @justjordantv1. "The ocean is just monster soup," quipped @enerjenni. "Omg literally I could never sleep when I was on the cruise bc the ocean is one of my biggest fear," said @slaycourt_.

"Imagine how it's like when people get lost at sea," mused @xoxo.pno. No thanks, terrifying thought, 0/10 don't recommend. If we keep going down this train of thought, we might end up with thalassaphobia ourselves! 

As frightening as the video seems, this trip isn't more or less dangerous than any other cruise- it's just that the dark of that moonless night reminds us of how isolated we really are while out in the ocean. While we're not ready to write off cruises over it, we understand why fear of the ocean will keep some people rooted on dry land!

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