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Cruise Ship Captain Shows Everyone a Typical Day in Her Unique Life

TikTok is full of testimonials from cruise ship workers who vlog about their everyday lives at sea. But what's it like to actually be the captain of a massive luxury ocean liner? For that perspective, we'll have to turn to the one-and-only Captain Kate.

Captain Kate, or @captainkatemccue on TikTok, is a cruise ship captain with Celebrity Cruises, currently commanding their 'Celebrity Beyond' vessel. She often vlogs about her life, and in this video, she walks us through a day in the life of a cruise ship captain!

Can we just say... there were a lot more cats involved than we were expecting? Not that we're complaining, though- Bug is the cruise ship mascot we never knew we needed! 

Captain Kate's day was intriguing in many other ways as well. She has to balance a lot in her work. In between celebratory ceremonies and store openings, she still maintains the practical side of her job as ship's captain: performing relatively high-speed pickups with the local pilot, running navigation trainings, and checking the conditions at sea. The ocean had its own surprises for her, too... what should have been a day of sleeping in turned into an extra-early morning when they were suddenly struck with restricted visibility!

"What happens during restricted visibility?" @mirandaspective asked. "Safety measure w/ additional manpower to the bridge for support, extra set of eyes & ears, etc," Captain Kate responded. She never knows when she might be needed, so she has to be ready for anything!

 Other sailors really related to her invocation of Murphy's Law. "Murphy’s Law applies to Naval Cpt too. Every time our CO wanted to workout he was called to the bridge," shared @artiec97. LOL, oh dear. No one ever said being a captain was an easy gig!

Kate's whirlwind schedule blew people's minds. "I am tired just watching this. I know not every day is the same but if they are, WOW," marveled one user. "Do you ever get any *real* sleep. You know, like 7 or 8 hours, uninterrupted by Bugs or fog?" wondered @jray55. LOL, we had the same thought!

"I absolutely love that you share your days with us and cool things about the bridge," admired @michelebrown2252. We also really loved this inside glimpse into the daily life of a cruise ship captain. We'll be on the lookout for more from Captain Kate...and her trusty First Mate Bug!

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