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Travel Agent Lists Cruise Cabins That All Passengers Should Avoid

These cabins will make the journey much less smooth.

The idea of choosing a cruise cabin can be overwhelming, whether you're brand new to cruises or if you've been doing it a long time. The pressure to pick exactly the right location can be high. And honestly, plenty of us don't know enough about cruising to know the difference — or to know why it would matter to us if we were sleeping toward the front, middle, or back of the boat.

Fortunately, that's exactly when we turn to the experts, like travel agent @travelbyjudy. She's sharing a TikTok video about the cruise cabins that all passengers should avoid, which should really help you narrow things down next time you book a cruise! 

First on her list is any cabin right below the pool deck, because that can mean a lot of noise happening outside of your room, day or night (including when you're trying to sleep). 

She also recommended avoiding any cabin that is below or above the promenade, which is also busy and can get noisy. Her third warning is against having a cabin near a music venue for the same reason — it's all about noise, which can be really important when you're just trying to chill out in your state room or take a midday nap. 

In the comments, some experienced cruisers shared their tips, too.

"Best cabins are next to the elevators and near the back of the ship so you don’t have to walk a ton to get to the buffet," one person advised.

Another commenter added, "I always get a cabin on 8th deck mid ship and it’s never noisy." 

Yes, we are writing all of this down. No matter where you're at on the ship, you're going to have fun... but these tips can help you make sure you're well rested for all that fun, too.